The stated intent of the “Taxpayer Protection Plan (TPP)” included in the 2020/21 Nassau County reassessment was to help residential property owners facing large assessment increases by phasing in the higher taxes over five years.

Despite the stated intent, many also thought the underlying reason for this complicated and confusing TPP plan was to smooth over large tax increases to protect incumbent politicians from the wrath of taxpayers in the election booth.

Even as TPP benefits continue to burn off and residential homeowners begin to see large tax increases, accusations have also begun to fly that the TPP program is being mismanaged by the Nassau County Department of Assessment (DOA).

The most egregious example occurred recently when hundreds of 2022/23 School Tax bills were sent to Nassau County homeowners with the TPP exemption wiped out instead of phased out. This created some shockingly high tax bills and forced the DOA to scramble to send out corrected bills.

While the origins and extent of these errors are still unclear, Nassau County homeowners would be wise to check their 2022/23 School Tax bills very carefully this month since the trick of removing the remaining TPP exemption is sure to create a full-blown Halloween scare!

Read more about the school tax errors here:

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