Property owners in the City of Long Beach are in for a third straight year of property tax “sticker shock.” As reported in Newsday Media Group, after enduring two consecutive years where City Hall increased property taxes by 5%, earlier this week the City Council voted unanimously to approve a 10% tax hike in order to meet its $102.1 million budget. This 10% increase in City taxes will be realized on the upcoming July 1 bills, but only those property owners who filed a property tax appeal in January will have the opportunity to dispute their property tax assessment. Unlike the County of Nassau, which has a 2-month long filing period for property tax appeals, the City of Long Beach requires that all appeals be filed by the third Tuesday of January. Commercial property owners with questions about their property’s tax assessments should contact an attorney who specializes in tax assessment review, as the appeal deadlines and rules vary by each taxing jurisdiction.

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