**Update** The County of Nassau’s property tax appeal filing deadline for the 2025/26 tax year has been extended from March 1 to March 18, 2024!

As the days of winter wind down, property owners throughout the State of New York must prepare to spring into action for some significant deadlines approaching that could affect their property tax bills.

March 1, 2024
For properties located in Nassau County and New York City, administrative tax appeal filings are due by March 1, 2024. Nassau County taxpayers can review their assessments and tax bills online at: LandRecord Lookup (LandRecord Lookup (nassaucountyny.gov)) and NYC taxpayers can view their properties at NYC Finance (NYC Finance). If a Nassau County or NYC taxpayer fails to file an administrative appeal by March 1, 2024, they are foreclosed from the opportunity to secure a lower tax assessment for the current year.

March 1, 2024 is also the deadline to file property tax exemption applications for properties located in Suffolk County and most municipalities outside of Nassau County and NYC. Local Assessor offices are extremely helpful at guiding property owners in filing exemption applications for residential properties (ex. STAR, Veterans, Aged, etc.). However, for exemptions associated with commercial and not-for-profit properties, the application process is complex and often requires the assistance of an experienced property tax attorney.

April 1, 2024
In Nassau County, the filing period has begun for commercial property owners to submit their 2023 Annual Statement of Income & Expense (“ASIE”). The “ASIE” forms must be filed by owners of income producing property on or before April 1, 2024 using the online portal which can be found here with additional materials and instructions: Nassau County, NY (nassaucountyny.gov).  Farrell Fritz, PC recently published an alert further illustrating the rules and requirements associated with the ASIE: Nassau County Commercial Real Property Tax Alert – Farrell Fritz, P.C.

Commercial property owners with questions about their property tax assessments should contact an experienced property tax attorney for further guidance.

Thank you Ryan C. Hild for this week’s Tax Tracker!